City On A Hill

Posted: June 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

My dear friend had come visiting me from Lagos and we went to church together one of those evenings she was around and on returning home at night, as soon as we entered the gate to the quarters where I live, I looked around and began to lament about how we were going to sleep in darkness as I noticed there was no light from any of the houses around.

She was puzzled I said there was no light because she looked right ahead and saw this little provision shop opposite the house with a yellow electric bulb switched on and the seller in the shop even had his little T.V switched on. So herself looked around and noticed only the provision shop opposite the house had electricity that night amidst the other buildings in the quarters and she asked me why.
I showed her a telecommunication company’s mast just by the shop which supplied it electricity round the clock. So I explained that regardless of whether every other person had light or not, the little shop was on constant electricity supply because its light source was different from ours, even though the shop was located in same compound with us and many people even go there to charge their phones whenever power has been ceased for days.
As I was speaking with my friend it dawned on me that this is just how children of God are meant to operate in this dark world, because we are connected to a God with whom is never a moment of power failure. Whatever happens with the world people is not meant to be our lot, we should only get to hear but we don’t have to experience their negative experiences.They should come to us for solution and leave satisfied and whole when they come in contact with the light we carry from our source.

As believers our spiritual location is Goshen. Just like the children of Israel were in Egypt, but separated in a place called Goshen, the plagues that ravaged the whole of Egypt had nothing on them. It’s not enough to be called a child of God, we must remain connected to our source and separated from the world, for the difference to be seen.
Jesus says “Ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14). If the city is not set on a hill, if it is mingling with the cities in the valley, they will pollute its light and robb it of its glory, then it begins to look like them and go through whatever they go through also. It has to travel all the way up to the hill, separated from other cities for it to light up the world. That hill is God’s holy hill and David in Psalms 15 describes the quality of those who dwell in God’s holy hill.
For you to shine, you have to be separated on God’s holy hill. You can’t act, talk, dress, think and behave like the world and still expect to have an impact on them. If you behave like them you can’t escape whatever the devil serves them. Be separate on God’s holy hill which connotes his presence and the world will see your light and acknowledge you are different from them.

  1. Reblogged this on Nifesimi Okeyide and commented:
    We are indeed Light(s) and should remain lights everywhere even if we have to stand alone!
    Thanks Sharon for sharing this.


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